Naturalia Group believes CSR is not only a matter of participating in charity activities, but also contributing to the society and environment from the bottom of our heart. With foundation of more than twenty years, we focus mainly in 4 criteria : Employees, Community Service, Ecological Environment and Marketing Relationship, Naturalia Group is committed to serve the best.


A safe and comfortable workplace represents our care for both staff and their families. Naturalia Group is pledged to ensure the workplace is safe and comfortable. Everyone is not being discriminated and able to gain support. Naturalia Group embraces the people-oriented and professional-based belief, offering career prospects and promotion opportunities, ensuring their talents can be fully exposed. Meanwhile, Naturalia Group treats every staff as a family member, or a friend. We grow and learn with each other to pursue our dreams.

Community Service

Naturalia Group serves the community continuously to achieve a loving community. The corporate encourages different departments to organize events or take part in voluntary work in districts all over the cities. We believe our care can be spread and positive effects will be brought to the community.

Ecological Environment

Naturalia Group is committed to support and practise eco-friendliness in various ways: Adjust the indoor temperature to 25 degrees, decrease the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, use both sides of paper, reuse and recycle paper to protect trees as well. Apart from “using less”, Naturalia Group is also “doing more” to protect the planet by promoting environmental protection message to employees from time to time. Since 2008, Naturalia Group has participated in “Earth Hour” as an act to give care to the ecological environment.

Marketing Relationship

Naturalia Group is determined to lead the trend in the industry. To do so, the Group has established Naturalia Health Skin Management Center. We offer trainings to in-field persons by holding free seminars and workshops. Naturalia Group makes customer service the first priority, providing clients the best quality of services and products. All products and equipment are 100% clinically proven and comply with the requirements of international standards, such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Conformité Européenne (CE0476). We collect clients’ opinions from various channels to improve our services; and to create an ever joyful experience to clients in turn.