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According to a Japanese research finding in 2008, 1 of 4 males, i.e. more than 600,000 males in Hong Kong, suffering from hair loss problem. It ranks 15th in the world. Nearly 30% males discover the hair loss phenomenon in their 30s. More seriously, the hair loss problem has spread and become popular to the young generation and females. It is seen that the demand of hair and scalp treatment is increasing. The newly-launch “Anti-scalp NourishingTreatment”and “Hair Reborn Treatment”projects developed by Naturalia Group is your safe, fast and perfect solution.

By applying Young Again@ technology, it effectively stimulates hair growth, enhances scalp’s  metabolic rate and strengthens scalp’s peripheral blood vessels. Meanwhile, it reduces hair loss, hair split and appearance of grey hair. Only 20 minutes, you can get rid of your baldness due to hereditary or pressure and regain your strong, smooth hair! The effectiveness of this medical technology has been approved by medical journals and international certifications (US FDA Certificate, European ISO Certificate, European CE Certificate, Australian TGA and Canadian CMDSAS Certificate), which is safety and reliable.