Espansione Group was established in 1981. It designs and manufactures a wide range of aesthetic and dermatological devices, which are applicable in hospitals and beauty salons. Naturalia Group has become the agent of excellent equipment such as OPE® High Intensity Polychromatic Light, TULIP PLUS® Technology and Young Again® Photobiostimulation Technology.

At present, more than 32 countries have imported medical equipment from Espansione Group. Cli-ents are spread from all over the world, including some world-renowned celebrities. Their glamor under the flashbulbs come from our equipment! According to statistics, the total consolidated turno-ver of the last fiscal year was over 20 million euro. It is believed that the turnover would be in-creased this year.

Recognition and Safety
Stability test: Determine whether the product can stay fresh and of integrity over its shelf life Excitation test: To determine the preservatives that the products are harmless and 100% safe to human skin Activation test: Conducted by volunteer groups, the effectiveness of active ingredients and shelf life of the products are tested under high-quality and qualified beauty salons or the authoritative organi-zations