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Monochromatic light irradiates on a wide surface a light energy that starts cell biostimulation and reproduction process. Subcutaneous layers absorb the light energy which stimulates cell activity and metabolism.The exclusive system to irradiate skin at a controlled distance offers excellent results scientifically demonstrated.

The light-based YOUNG AGAIN® technology is a process:

Medical studies prove that our Young Again® technology at specific power and at close distance of 0.5cm

increase the proliferation of fibroblasts hence collagen and elastine.
ONLY YOUNG AGAIN® TECHNOLOGY respond to these 2 essential characteristics.

The type of stimulated cells varies according to the specific wavelengths applied by our YOUNG AGAIN exclusive technology.The longer the wavelengths are, the deeper the skin penetration of light energy is. Stimulation technique of cellular activities through cold light laser sources that emit photons with high incidence power: Red (624nm), Blue (417nm), Yellow (590nm), Infrared (834nm).

RED (624mm)

BLUE (417nm)

Yellow (590nm)

Infrared (834nm)

Skin aging, wrinkles, fine lines


Poor blood or lymph circulation

Deep skin repairing

Telangiectasia, sensitive redness, Rosacea

Oily skin, oil secretion, acnes skin Lymphatic drainage Sagging skin
Dermabrasion, surgical scars and after treatment

Inflammation, swelling

Reducing edema


Age spots, pigmentation 

Patented technology
  • Our special LEDs transform the electricity into photons energy with a specific wavelength.
  • Thanks to the perculiality of high power Espansione LEDs, even emitting heat, all the benefits of light are applied to the skin.
  • The optimal distance of the LEDs from the treated parts (0,5cm) - Internationally patented terminal units 
  • Non invasive, no downtime, no pain
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