BYCURE®combines the experience in the medical device field with the one in the dermocosmetic field.

Since 1961, Espansione Group has started to work for the health and the wellness of the skin.

BYCURE® products adopts the brand new technologies. The moisture-generating molecules activate skin cells’repairing functions and help you stay young and achieve the 360-degree flawless skin. 

Maintain Balanced Development
BYCURE® is committed in a continuous and balanced development in the field of the medical skin care, trying to meet, anticipate and satisfy the needs of customers better than our competitors.

Our goal is to provide the customers with complete and effective solutions based on equipment, consumables and advanced services to grant them a due economic outcome.

Professional Patented Technology
BYCURE® is able to develop medical devices, dermocosmetic products and advanced services as a result of a consolidated expertise in the field and state of the art technology.

Our Research Puts Power Into Our Products
Research, innovation, and Italian design have always been the essential principles of our reality. We develop new technologies and new languages to successfully meet our clients’needs. Working hand in hand with the university and research centers BYCURE®develops in-company effective cosmetics and revolutionary technologies.