Martin Chan
Chairman, Naturalia Group Holdings Limited
Founder, World Wide Health Skin Management Association

Chan has more than 30 years of experience in the field of health and beauty care. Chan’s unwavering commitment to introduce the beauty concept into the Greater China has made him created a legend in the business industry. The identities of Chairman and Founder of the two corporations have consolidated his position in the international market. His perfect foresight, clear direction and vision for the future has led him to the brightest success in the corporate and paved an incredibly bright way in the beauty industry. 

Chan spares no effort to promote positive logical thinking, the conversion of new ways of thinking to lifelong wealth and corporate culture. His insistence on wisdom, freedom and truth has encouraged every member in the corporate to work determinedly.
“Stand proudly. Act promptly.”Chan has led Naturalia Group to another climax in the beauty kingdom by developing medical beauty technologies. The core value has strengthened the corporate and made it unique and sustainable.