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Naturalia Health Skin Management Centre imports Young Again®technology, which is a monochromatic light that is irradiated by special diodes (136 light rays with 0.5cm close distance) that starts the cellular biostimulation process. In a pleasant and relaxing way, the light energy efficiently stimulates cell activity and cell metabolism allowing the process of skin tissue regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin with different specific light wavelengths: Red (624nm), Blue (417nm), Yellow (590nm) and Infrared (834nm) 

Young Again®  Red
Skin changes are progressive, so that the client feels the improvement, session by session. The YOUNG AGAIN®red light stimulates production of collagen, elastin and hylaronic acid. Through the YOUNG AGAIN®technology, the red light is absorbed by mitochondria and stimulates the generation of ATP and collagen, thus increasing cellular action, enhancing its activity and extending its life.

Young Again®Blue
The YOUNG AGAIN®blue light has a purification action that is anti bacterial, anti inflammatory for impure skin conditions. Acne is caused by a hyper keratinisation of the follicular canal combined with Proprionibacterium acnes bacteria (P.acnes) and an overproduction of sebum. Thanks to its properties, the blue light is recognized to be the ideal wavelength to solicit the P.acnes to produce porphyrin: under the solicitation of lights photons, excited porphyrin becomes the natural fighter of P.acne bacteria and sebaceous glands. The photodynamic reaction obtained by Young Again®Blue Light may provide a visible and fast solution to impure skins.

Young Again®Yellow
Young Again®is an exclusive sequence of pulsed light that allows excellent results in a short time. The YOUNG AGAIN®yellow light has a specific action on the lymphatic system by stimulating the cell’s metabolism, promoting a detoxifying action to relieve swelling conditions. The toning of treated areas may show an immediate improvement.

Young Again®Infrared
The YOUNG AGAIN®infrared light stimulates cells at a greater depth within the skin creating the energetic re-charge of the cell (ATP).

RED (624mm)

BLUE (417nm)

Yellow (590nm)

Infrared (834nm)

Skin aging, wrinkles, fine lines


Poor blood or lymph circulation

Deep skin repairing

Telangiectasia, sensitive redness, Rosacea

Oily skin, oil secretion, acnes skin Lymphatic drainage Sagging skin
Dermabrasion, surgical scars and after treatment

Inflammation, swelling

Reducing edema


Age spots, pigmentation