after 4 treatment s

Naturalia Health Skin Management Centre imports Young Again®technology, which is a monochromatic light that is irradiated by special diodes (136 light rays with 0.5cm close distance) that starts the cellular biostimulation process. In a pleasant and relaxing way, the light energy efficiently stimulates cell activity and cell metabolism allowing the process of skin tissue regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin with different specific light wavelengths: Red (624nm), Blue (417nm), Yellow (590nm) and Infrared (834nm)

Naturalia Health Skin Management Centre applies the unique and internationally patented Young Again®technology–4 Zone/Bodyband are designed to provide treatments for different body parts. It effectively prevents and cures skin flawness in different parts. The treatments are specially designed for those who have suffered from eczema, sensitive redness or any skin problems caused by immune system. 

Through the Young Again®technology emitted by 4 Zone/Bodyband, your body cell can be rejuvenated. It is effective to resist pregnant lines and cellular inflammation group, improve your skin dullness, hydrate your skin, enhance lymphatic drainage and blood circulations, reduce age spots, pigmentation and scars. It also can be applied after surgical treatments.