“Spread the Green Seeds”

Explore the brand new global trend. Pursue the pure, perfect organic products.
Superb seeds, Successful education, Strict development - Secret of Lumiva France.

Established in 1978, Lumiva France focuses on the preciousness of green plants, it is also the first organization to develop seeds beauty. Perfectly combined the concept of beauty and health, Lumiva France pursues pollutant-free, pure, healthy and eco-friendly. It believes qualified beauty products are made from raw ingredients. Only pollutant-free seeds, farm and water can plant the healthiest plants. Moreover, the purity can ensure products are free from heavy metals and gives no adverse effects. The products are under strict surveillance and with excellent quality.

Lumiva France perfectly combines natural extracts, plants and modern bio-technology to develop hi-tech beauty and health products.

Lumiva France has also innovated the zero pollutant technology, Zeodration, to replace the traditional refining method. It not only reserves 100% plants’ activating elements, but also saves energy used for the refining process, so as to practise the eco-friendly concept.

Stop using skincare products with unknown chemicals or heavy metals. Lumiva France , your pure, perfect organic choice!

   Our Promises

NO artificial preservatives
NO artificial flavours
NO artificial fragrances
NO biochemical refinement
NO DEA, TEA or PEG extracts
NO harmful elements
NO animal testing